I work on coaching you with training your dog or puppy using Reward, Choice Based methodology.  I teach my clients how to view training from the Dog's Perspective.

- Basics.  How to Play to build a solid relationship, Hand Touch, Sit, Down, Stay, Leash skills, Motivation for Learning

- Manners.  Jumping up, mouthing, chewing, barking

- Socialization.  Careful socialization of puppies & older dogs that need to
revisit this all too important area.

- Impulse Control.  Stay under Distraction, Leave it, Drop, Freeze

- Advanced.  Distance Cues, Stay with Recall, Drop it, Get it, Working around other Dogs, Place

- Recall.  Close, Distance, & Off-Leash

- Tricks.  The sky is the limit here... Sit Pretty, Shake, Roll over, Twirl, Walk on Hind legs, you name it!

I do not find the need to use aversive equipment such as e-collars, prong or choke collars.  When you learn how to correctly motivate your individual dog to seek out making the choices that earn reward, there is no need for harsh, old school methods.

Private:  $80/hr

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