Credentials for Laura Bussing, CPDT, CCFT, FP-MT

 Professional Canine Educator & Competitor

-Certified Professional Dog Trainer via CCPDT

-Certified Agility Instructor via OneMind DogsĀ® of Finland 

-Certified Canine Fitness Trainer via the University of Tennessee.

-Seminar Presenter:  Agility, Ring Stress, & Conditioning 

-Judge - UKI Agility 

-35 years Experience in Agility, Behavior Consulting and Obedience              
-Voted Best Dog Trainer in Salida, CO - 2016-2020 

-National Level Agility Competitor in UKI, ISC-AKC, USDAA   
2023 Jersey Devil Classic Pentathlon SILVER, 2023 Speedstakes Challenge SILVER, 2023 Berry Festival BRONZE, 2022 Colorado Classic Biathlon GOLD, 2022 Regional Biathlon GOLD, 2022 Regional Grand Prix SILVER, 2021 European Open Team Tryouts, 2021 Rocky Mt. Classic Pentathlon GOLD, 2021 US Open Speedstakes Finalist, 2021 Colorado Classic Biathlon BRONZE, 2021 Regional Grand Prix SILVER, 2021 Regional Steeplechase SILVER, 2019 Cynosports Grand Prix Finalist, 2019 US Open Speedstakes Finalist, 2019 US Open Games Finalist

Qualified for 2024 European Open Tryouts and 2024 Agility World Championships Tryouts

-Learner.  Hungry for more, Laura trains with leading Coaches & World Championship Competitors in Agility.  In Applied Canine Science, she stays on the forefront of dog training & behavior knowledge. To maintain Certifications, Laura completes rigorous continuing educational requirements learning from the top behaviorists in the world. 



Laura Bussing