"Just wanted to tell you that you really have made a difference in my life and training!" - Megan

"I recently attended a handling seminar with Laura and it blew my mind!  Laura was able to pinpoint exactly what I needed to do to improve my timing with technique execution and verbals.  The difference in my dog's understanding is amazing and she is even faster than ever.  We have been able to be consistent with clean runs and we got on our first podium.  Thank you so much! - Ashley

"Laura's class helped me and my dog come together as a team after our 4 years struggling to Q. After her course I finally understood what she needed from me to help us earn our MACH we had been working towards." - Brenda

"Hi Laura! Thank you again for such a wonderful online agility class (Ring Stress). I’ve learned SO much, and the positive changes in Ripley (and me!) in such a relatively short time are truly remarkable." - Heather

"Wow, I took Shine to the training center. I used the chin rest to settle him down between runs. That works so well with him. You can feel him start to relax after just a few seconds. I'm hoping we can expand on that. I just love your class. It's the best one I've ever taken. So much useful information. Thanks so much." - Sherri

"Thank you so much for this class. I think it’s addressing all the things we needed to work in but just never knew how to go about it. I have had times I thought I just wouldn’t trial him because of his stress but I know he is capable of so much. Thank you again" - Amy

"I knew I was in the right seminar for me and my dogs when Laura opened by saying something like, "Competition is for us; not the dogs AND performing in the competition environment is a big 'ask' from us." Her dog ring stress seminar is right for you if you care about your dog's emotional well being and understand that stress can interfere with your dog's ability to perform at their personal best OR if you are already experiencing fallout from your dog's ring stress. I knew I needed help with my dog, Sparkle, when we went from scores of 199 and 200 in obedience to losing as many as 6 points for barking in the ring. Six weeks after adding the information from Laura's seminar to the other training I was doing to ease stress, Sparkle performed at the very loud, very crowded and very busy 2019 AKC Obedience Classic (where she learned to bark in the ring last year). She didn't bark in her first run and barked one time in her second run after I put pressure on her. Allow yourself to invest some of your doggie budget in Laura's well organized seminar on dog ring stress. You and your well loved dog deserve it." - Rachel Flatley, Pawsitively Fun Dog Training

"I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed the online Ring Stress Class. Your format of posting slides and then teaching with the corresponding videos has been nothing short of perfection for this adult learner. All the examples thrown in are so helpful as well. I can tell you in by understanding how to better recognize Ellie’s triggers, we have already seen big changes in her behavior. My husband even complimented us and how “engaged” she was with me in agility practice and this is HUGE coming from this man. Anyway, your class has clarified so much and I look forward to having more agility dogs in the future to bring along as well. Forever grateful" - Klare 

"I entered Bowie in the first agility trial since your Seminar.  It was cool enough to crate him in the car.  I was very careful with my timing for getting him out. We had treats all the way to the ring gate and we played all the way to the start line.  He was focused, happy and really WITH me!  I don't think he even realized he was at a trial. Thanks for all your help and encouragement." - Gay

"I am just blown away by the Ring Stressed Seminar. It is the best seminar I have ever attended! I learned things about my dog that I had no clue about. I really bought into the "consent to work" concept. The pattern games and understanding relief from pressure were amazing. Thank you Laura for everything!" - Amanda

"Laura, the Ring Stress Seminar was just the thing I needed.  I am so glad I got a working spot!  The best part for me was learning about how to keep my dog in it's thinking brain to be an intervention of stress while we were simulating the competition environment.  I am excited for what the future holds for my dog.  Thank you!" - Ellen

"I have struggled to compete with my crazy, over-stimulated dog.  I took the Ring Stress Seminar from Laura and my life has changed!  She is the only trainer I've worked with who has a superior in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of a dog's brain.  Her ability to teach that to me and exactly HOW to get my dog focused has been a god-send.  Being able to have so many opportunities of working on the pattern, focus and calming games during the seminar was a big plus!  No longer does my dog run around like a wild beast! Please come back to our facility next year!" - Marilyn

"I have attended two seminars with Laura - one on canine conditioning and the other on the 2-3-4 weave pole training - and both were very instructive and fun. I also like the documentation that she gave us as well as the clear, actionable instructions to apply at home what we learned during the workshop. I definitely recommend her workshops! "-Soleine

"Laura is a really wonderful trainer - calm, committed, compassionate, thorough, thoughtful - she will help you with your dog challenges, all while making it fun!" -Janey

"I have taken several seminars with Laura and found her teaching style, positive with clear and concise communication. She has the ability to demonstrate a skill from the dogs view and break it down into steps so you are successful. Highly recommend Laura and look forward to attending many more of her seminars". -Beverly

"Laura is simply a Gifted Instructor and Trainer! Her expertise in behavior and agility is outstanding...I learned how to better read my dog! He is now relaxed and happy in the ring. Thank you! -Cheryl G

"Thanks for teaching Morganne's agility class today. I loved how you made each of us feel like we were getting a private lesson!" - Lee

"I really liked the very focused individual training, running the course with a "person" dog, and challenging our traditional ways of thinking about handling. Thank you for a great Agility Seminar!" - Deb

"I now understand the dogs path and how my body tells the dog how to respond. The entire seminar was an a-hah experience. The introduction on Saturday was my biggest a-ha moment. You are a fabulous instructor. Thank you for your commitment." - Melissa

"Thank you so much for the Private Training sessions with our dog, Daisy. We can’t get over what a changed dog she is and how great her attitude is in the ring now. We appreciate you taking time with us to learn the exact mechanics. You are such a great teacher to us and a gentle trainer with our dog! -Melinda

"Thank you Laura for all the great agility instruction, very worthwhile for me! I had several "Ah-ha" moments during the workshop that I'm now looking forward to working on more now with both dogs. I call that a success!" -Nancy & the Toller M's.

"Laura, I just wanted to say thanks again for showing me how to love my dog. She's an awesome pooch that I just did not understand. She is sweet and funny and playful and smart and I just love her (most of the time)! You are just awesome and I wish you all the best in everything!" -Trish

"We have been working with Cocoa on all the recall games and techniques. I took her for an extensive hike yesterday and she was marvelous! She responded so well, even when there were others dogs that drew her attention, she came to me the minute I called her. I was very pleased to say the least! My comfort level with her on hikes is so much better. Thank you SO much for your help! I really feel like progress is being made in a big way! You are very good at what you do!" - Kyanne

"Our dog, Lily, learned how to properly play fetch (return it to the thrower) with Trainer Laura. My husband was just so excited playing with her like he had a new buddy! It was just so sweet to see them play. She would run and catch it and bring it right back to him to throw again. Just wanted to let you know that the work that you do as a trainer brings little joys to people's days and I hope you are told that often." - Martha

"Thank you Laura for all of the coaching with my Agility dog, Rev and I. You really helped us work better as a team and to balance out his focus a little more to me. You made a huge, huge difference! Now he doesn't go off course like he use to and we're getting more Q's. We are having a blast! The OneMind Dogs methodology is such a game changer -Susan

Laura Bussing