Ring Stressed! Seminars
Unleashing the Potential in Stressed Performance Dogs

Who is this for?*

~ Dogs that stress up (over-aroused with focus issues)

~ Dogs that stress down (shutting down, slow)

~ Dogs doing OK - you want to know how to avoid stress

~ Dogs not competing yet - you want to stay ahead of the curve          

Is stress negatively impacting your dog's performance? It's estimated that 50% of all performance dogs experience too much stress in the ring. This cutting-edge seminar is for dogs who are sensitive to triggers in the environment.  Physiological change occurs causing a stressed up or stressed down reaction. Signs are: check-out, get worried, sniff, shut down easily, barking, spinning, goes slow, flying all over the course, over-arousal or are not performing in the ring as well as in training.   

Is your dog currently doing OK?  It's actually easy for any dog that is competing to go from being OK in the ring to NOT OK!  For young dogs not competing or for dogs that are doing well, this is your opportunity to learn how to handle your dog's emotional well being in the chaotic competition environment.

What will you learn at the seminar? We will divide our time between lecture and working dogs. You'll learn how to identify and manage triggers with Threshold Management. You'll learn how to keep your dog in it's thinking brain through innovative strategies to increase their comfort level in the ring setting, manage their arousal
level and maximize their potential. The goal is to improve and maintain
Canine Mental Resilience.  We'll also discuss how to minimize your stress levels.

What are some things students say they like about the Seminar? 
"Ideas on how to identify stressed dog and drills to help dog work through situations which cause stress" 
"The concept of thinking brain to emotional area & how to keep in thinking area"
"Patterning thru zones - cool, warm, hot"
"The thinking brain and how quickly it shifts into the amygdala. Wow! I just taught Neuro to my nursing students on Friday and here we are at the seminar learning this!!!!!"
"The ring simulation so we could practice what we learned with lots of individual feedback" 
"Learning how to train Delayed Gratification was huge and how to build up tolerance to the lack of reward in the ring"
"Learning about their body language & how they think"
"Laura's ability to spot our area of need, instruct a plan for 
progressively increasing challenge, and demonstrate how layers of stress accumulate"
"The difference between reactivity and stress, how they interplay to exacerbate each other"
"Science behind stress behaviors, multiple remedies to avoid and minimize stress"
"Completely new tools, exercises and physical solutions for managing and minimizing stress"
"Wonderful day! I learned so much and am thankful you are a nonjudgmental instructor. We do well as a team in those circumstances. Our first agility instructor was terribly hard on me and my dog"
"Awesome pertinent info from knowledgeable instructor"

Details:  Ring Stressed! is a 1 day seminar with locations across the USA.  I only offer 6 working spots to give students the maximum amount of working time possible.  Cost of a working spot is $200-225, depending on location.   I am not offering auditing during COVID. To find a location near you, or register for a current seminar or book me at your facility - Click below:

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