Ring Stressed! Live Seminar 
 or Online Class
Unleashing the Potential in Stressed Performance Dogs

Competing in Agility, Obedience or Rally? This is for:

~ Dogs that stress up (over-aroused with focus issues)

~ Dogs that stress down (shutting down, slow)

~ Dogs doing OK - you want to know how to avoid stress

~ Dogs not competing yet - you want to stay ahead of the curve          

How great would it be to erase competition stress in your dog? A highly popular seminar for dogs that are sniffing, going slow, visiting ring crew, worried, disengaged, or unmotivated. This seminar has made a positive change in hundreds of agility dogs. The neurobiology of stress is complicated, but Laura breaks it down so it's easily understood. Her famous "Recipe for Change" involves a global approach to reducing stress through many creative strategies. Are you ready to step to the line with a focused, driven and happy dog?

Is stress negatively impacting your dog's performance? It's estimated that 50% of all performance dogs experience too much stress in the ring. This cutting-edge class is for dogs who are sensitive to triggers in the environment. Physiological change occurs causing a stressed up or stressed down reaction. Signs are: check-out, get worried, sniff, shut down easily, barking, spinning, goes slow, flying all over the course, over-arousal or not performing in the ring as well as in training.   

Is your dog currently doing OK?  It's actually easy for any dog that is competing to go from being OK in the ring to NOT OK! For young dogs not competing or for dogs that are doing well, this is your opportunity to learn how to handle your dog's emotional well being in the chaotic competition environment. Mental Preparation for Competition Dogs!

What will you learn in the Seminar/Class? You will divide your time between lectures, reviewing lessons and training dogs. You'll learn how to identify and manage triggers with Threshold Management. You'll learn how to keep your dog in it's thinking brain through innovative strategies to increase their comfort level in the ring setting, manage their arousal level and maximize
their potential. The goal is to improve and maintain Canine Mental
Resilience. We'll also discuss how to minimize your stress levels.
I teach and advocate positive reinforcement methods through Reward Based Training.

What are some things students say they like about the content? 
"Ideas on how to identify stressed dog and drills to help dog work through situations which cause stress" 
"The concept of thinking brain to emotional area & how to keep in thinking area"
"Patterning thru zones - cool, warm, hot"
"The thinking brain and how quickly it shifts into the amygdala. Wow! I just taught Neuro to my nursing students on Friday and here we are learning this!!!!!"
"Learning how to train Delayed Gratification was huge and how to build up tolerance to the lack of reward in the ring"
"Learning about their body language & how they think"
"Laura's ability to spot our area of need, instruct a plan for progressively increasing challenge, and demonstrate how layers of stress accumulate"
"The difference between reactivity and stress, how they interplay to exacerbate each other"
"Science behind stress behaviors, multiple remedies to avoid and minimize stress"
"Completely new tools, exercises and physical solutions for managing and minimizing stress"
"Awesome pertinent info from knowledgeable instructor"

Details:  8 week Online Class 
-Video Lectures & Lessons over 8 weeks & troubleshoot each working team with follow-up.
-All students work at their level and progress when they are ready.
-Platform: Online Classroom via Thinkific - Video recording capability on phone or video camera.
Working $249 (Post Videos of training for feedback & analysis, join discussion & ask questions).
Active Audit $159 (Review all content, Join Discussion & Ask Questions).
Equipment Needed:  1 Jump & optional 1 tunnel.                               Register for Online Class

LIVE SEMINAR - I present in a 1 day seminar format in various locations around the globe for dogs that compete in agility, obedience and rally. For locations go to my Schedule

Please contact me for availability and pricing for your facility or club.    Book Laura

"I really enjoyed your Ring Stress Seminar this weekend. I learned a lot. It was very helpful understanding "why" an exercise will be helpful for certain behaviors as well as actually trying to put it into practice right away! Your breadth of knowledge about our beloved canine friends was compassionate and thoughtful. Every single student was treated individually with attention to detail". - Susan

"Thanks Laura for your very clear communication. I think me and my girl respond better to your supportive style of teaching. I really liked all of the practical suggestions for keeping my dog focused and engaged." - Lillian

"I thought this was the best class ever! Especially the way Laura had real time video discussions and allowed us to take our time to get 
through all of the content. I have recommended this course to several friends. Thank you Laura!!!" - Mel

"This was an awesome online class; thank you! Hope I get to meet & have an in-person session with you someday. Your advocacy for dogs' & people's mental/physiological health in performance sport and everyday life is inspiring!" - Diane

"Just wanted to tell you that you really have made a difference in my life and training!" - Megan           
Laura Bussing