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Seminar Topics:

Ring Stressed! -
 Is stress negatively impacting your dog's performance?  It's estimated that 50% of all performance dogs experience too much stress in the ring. This cutting-edge seminar is for dogs who are sensitive to triggers in the environment by stressing up or stressing down. Signs are: check-out, get worried, sniff, shut down easily, barking, spinning, goes slow, flying all over the course, over-arousal or are not performing in the ring as well as in training. We will unleash the potential in your stressed-out performance dog! You'll learn how to identify and manage triggers with Threshold Management. We will work on innovative 
strategies to increase their comfort level in the ring setting, manage their arousal
level and maximize their potential! Learn how to improve and maintain 
Canine Mental Resilience, and yours too!  For ALL performance dogs
competing in Agility, Rally, Conformation, Obedience, Flyball, & Disc Dog  

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Daring Distance - Handlers learn the specific skills necessary for distance capabilities
on typical courses seen at local events. We will build great value in the dog's commitment
to drive a line of obstacles away from you, quickly and confidently. You will be able to get
further ahead on course instead of running up to every obstacle. We'll cover Layering with
Clean Verbals for lateral and linear distance for discriminations, threadles, backsides,
directionals, obstacles.  Learn the latest techniques used by the best distance handlers in
the world to get distance speed and precision. Challenges for all levels who want more
distance skills in the tool bagbetter gamble skills or have mobility limitations.

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2-3-4 Solid Weaves - The easiest way to train the hardest obstacle in agility.
This method teaches the dog to weave right from the start with upright, inline poles.
It teaches great form & speed. By using shaping and letting the dog think about the pattern, you'll be amazed at how well this method works and how much your dog loves weaving.  For dogs just learning.

Weave Repair Workshop - A workshop with goals of: independent performance of entries, staying in, driving hard and exits. I go through many different set-ups that support these goals. I will also find nuances in the dog's level of commitment in general that will be addressed as well. For dog's that have training in weaves but do not have solid, consistent weaves yet.  

Canine Conditioning for Performance Dogs - Learn how to keep your 
Canine Athlete in tip top shape and prevent injuries.  With strength, 
balance and flexibility exercises, we will improve your dog’s conditioning 
in order to become a more efficient and proficient competitor!  Does your
dog knock bars or take wide turns?  It may be a physical problem.  I will give
you an individualized Fitness Plan and "Crate to Gate to Crate" Plan for
your dog. Physiological confidence will be gained by increased core 
strength, rear and front assembly strength while adding greater flexibility.

Finding the Fastest Line - Through detailed course analysis, handlers will
learn how to evaluate various paths to determine the fastest line for their dogs.
Once the intended line is determined, we'll learn how to choose the best handling
for the dog. Great attention is paid to proper execution of handling techniques.

Concrete Connection and Commitment - See the dog! One of the most important
handling element is your eyes. You will learn more about connection and when to
commit your dog in this eye-opening Seminar! The key to successfully running courses
with your dog is your ability to know where to look and the timing of commitment. 
Game Changer for both teammates to excel at the agility dance.

Handling Tool Bag - Learn how to eloquently execute some of the most common 
handling techniques with timely delivery.  If you want to improve the "conversation" you
are having with your dog, this is for you!  Focus on solutions for handling the typical
challenges found on agility courses nowadays.  For dogs that can sequence jumps and

OneMind Dogs Handling Techniques -
Discover the handling system that
is revolutionizing Agility. Handlers will learn how to create and keep the best
connection to their dog as they navigate courses
. You'll learn to perfect the most
common handling techniques by breaking down each element to "speak dog"! For dogs
that can sequence jumps and tunnels.

OneMind Dogs Foundations for Agility - A springboard into the essential skills necessary
for a balanced agility training program. We focus on building a solid partnership to develop you
and your dog into an agility team. We introduce you to OneMind Dogs methodology and concepts highlighting the 7 Handling Elements and the 3 C's: connection, commitment, cue. You will learn
the "magic" of how dog's naturally respond to key body movements.

Other Topics:  Coursework, Course Analysis, Young Dogs, Puppies & More

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