My Dogs

Each and every one of my dogs have taught me so much over the years. They have helped me grow as a trainer, handler and as a human. Every day, they are still educating me. I am better because of them. I try to live by these words ...
"Be the Human your Dog Thinks you are" (author unknown).

Maggie" 15yr Rescue Border Collie - Huskie
My First Agility Dog.  We didn't compete much, but we sure had loads of fun in the backyard!  She lost an eye to glaucoma at a young age and I was so worried about her losing her other. I kept her out of the ring because stress could have brought on glaucoma. It was many years before I felt I could get another agility partner... see below 

Rising Sun Right as Rayn, 5yr Border Collie
"Rayn" is my soul dog.  There is just something about her that is different and OH, SO magnificent!  She's an amazing teammate and the best noodle on the planet! We made multiple National Finals in Cynosports and the U.S. Open in 2019. 2021 USDAA SE Regional Grand Prix Runner Up.

"Geri" 12yr Rescue from NM Reservation
Therapy Dog work was her thing, but recently retired. Now, she's my full-time therapy dog!  Sweet & Loving. She has her silly moments and likes to play with Cam. Geri loves going for hikes and holding the couch down in our motorhome.  She's been a great surrogate dog for all of my client's dogs that needed one thru their journey of behavior modification & training.

Rising Sun High Performance Cam, 3yr  BC
"Cam" is very affectionate, loving and silly! I am excited for what the future holds for us! He is my big boy who has great zest for the game. He is powerful! Cam is competing in UKI, USDAA and AKC, with a few titles under his belt already.
Laura Bussing