Seminars, Online Classes, & Private Coaching

COACHING:  I offer private lessons to students who want to unlock their potential & up their game.  Cost is $80/hr.

Summers in Salida, CO
Winters in Zephyrhills, FL

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Coaching is also available at events. In-person and remote.  Limited availability & pricing varies. 

Laura is a skilled Coach, Instructor & Trainer.  Whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned competitor, Laura can easily break down complex handling techniques for all levels. Her innovative explanation of theory and essential skills will give you confidence and clarity.  Concentration on building solid Agility Teams through motivation, trust and honor is at the forefront of Laura's creative approach.  She will inspire you to be the best possible teammate for your canine athlete!  Are you ready to start the journey?

Laura's goal is to help you succeed as a team regardless of the handling system you use.  She has extensive experience in training a wide-range of breeds. Wherever you are in your agility journey, Laura's keen eye for observation will fine tune your handling so you can take it to the Next Level. Laura also knows when the dogs are telling us they don't understand a skill. She breaks down the skill into small bits to build understanding for the dog to succeed.

Always hungry for learning, Laura has worked with Leading Coaches & World Competitors:

Perry DeWitt, Jordan Biggs, Zeljko Gora, Shauna Oliver, Tereza Kralova, Lori Michaels, Vendula Hausnerova, Ashley Deacon, Soshana Dos, Kris Seiter, Anne Lenz, Barrie James, Anastacia Egorova, Mary Ellen Berry, Karen Holik, Chris Tucci

--Privately coaching Agility Teams of all levels in their locale - $80/hr
--Teaching Seminars World-wide
--Online Classes
--Substitute Instructor for Agility Classes for Trainers

Interested in hosting an Agility Seminar?  Or taking a Private Lesson?

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